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The Town of Bethlehem Historical Association

P.O. Box 263   1003 River Road Selkirk, NY 12158 

518-767-9432 [email protected]

Annual Ice Cream Social

Sunday June 11 from 

1 – 4 pm at the Schoolhouse

1003 River Road Selkirk

All are invited to the Bethlehem Historical Association’s annual Ice Cream Social.

Enjoy delicious ice cream and stroll through our local history exhibits. 

Highlights include 1940s Bethlehem, Lighting Through the Ages and Rivers, Roads and Rails.

The event is free and open to the public. 

 All welcome!

New for 2023 are 1940s Bethlehem and Lighting Through the Ages.

Recent acquisitions on display include a Victorian dollhouse created by Anna Uhl.

Enjoy a new display about the 3 Farms Dairy.

Local history at its finest!

Cedar Hill Schoolhouse Museum is OPEN

Regular Sunday open hours are 2-4 PM.  


There is a new cookbook on sale at I Love Books.

They are $10 each.

Copies can also be purchased by contacting

Wendy Brandow (518) 767-0716 or Linda Schacht (518) 767-2924

We appreciate the support of all those who contributed recipes and helped to get this book together.